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Sep 08

Upcoming Event

"Body of Evidence"

Call for Papers

We are looking for speakers for the MRG London Conference 2017 on Tuesday 5th December.

Our theme for this year is: "Body of Evidence" and contrary to popular rumours, we are not paying homage to the appalling 1993 movie of the same name staring Madonna, nor is this attempt to create a media research based low-budget version of CSI.  Instead we want to debate how we promote and employ the scientific method against a backdrop of post-fact and post-expert noise.

How do we justify our research methodologies - especially the more experimental, innovative and potentially costly ones? How do we prove effectiveness and guarantee impact?  How do we mitigate against respondent and our own bias in our research and insight work?  Where is our real-world proof?

If you have something new and forward-thinking that you would like to present or an opinion on any related issues, we would love to hear from you.

At this stage we need an outline only (no more than one side of A4), giving an overview of the topic and a brief explanation as to how it addresses our themes and why you think it will interest MRG members.

Please include the name of the speaker(s) and ensure that the file is in a PDF format and given a name that tells us whose paper it is (if we get 100 files called 'MRGsubmission.PDF' it gets very confusing). 

Send your submissions to both Frances Sheardown and Stef Hrycyszyn.  If the submission is any longer than one side of A4, we will politely send it back for you to amend. 

We anticipate papers to be 18 minutes long (if not please indicate this in your submission).

The closing date for submissions is Friday 8th September 2017.

Please note one speaker per paper will receive a free place at the conference.  

For more information on the conference, or to book early bird tickets, please visit the Conference page.

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  • Start Date08 Sep 2017 18:00
  • End Date08 Sep 2017 18:00
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