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Jun 19

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June Evening Meeting

Evening Meeting

Papers available for download here.

1. Bursting the Filter Bubble

One of the big claims of the digital world was the ability to filter through the choice overload and find information relevant to our needs and preferences. It promised to broaden our horizons by mass-producing moments of 'pleasant surprise'.  But the filtering, and the definition of relevance behind it, has become too restrictive; trapping people inside bubbles rather than widening their choices.  New research from the7stars and Newsworks has uncovered what the new world of filter bubbles means for brand discovery. Helen Rose from the7stars and Rupert Medler from Newsworks presented the findings of the research and the implications for online planning.

2. UKOM Platform Trends

Julie Forey from UKOM shared an overview of platform trends among the UK's online population, based on 2016 comScore data.  We discovered how usage of computers, tablets and smartphones differs by audience, where consumers spend most time and which categories and content are consumed on each device. Has the mobile replaced the desktop? How big is the 'mobile only' audience and who are they? Which audience do tablets resonate most with? We heard answers to these questions and more as Julie revealed the latest insights on consumers' usage of devices in a multi-platform world. 

3. Communication Planning In A Disrupted World

James Burke from Kantar Media shared findings from their new Dimension report exploring key opportunities and challenges within the media and advertising industries today, from the perspective both of media industry leaders and consumers. From the industry leaders perspective, we discovered their views on what the huge amounts of data available in the industry today means for targeting, concerns around over-use of online re-targeting, the impetus of data sharing partnerships between the buy and sell side and prospects for outcome-based trading. He then linked this thinking back to the front line consumer perspective on advertising today.

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  • Start Date19 Jun 2017 18:30
  • End Date19 Jun 2017 19:30
  • VenueiThe Hatton
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