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Jun 25

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June 2018 Evening Meeting

Evening Meeting

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Planning for Profit (online report also available here)

Newsworks' ongoing programme of effectiveness research is designed to conclusively demonstrate and quantify the value of newsbrands and the return on investment that they deliver. Their latest study, Planning for Profit, conducted by Benchmarketing, focuses on the overall campaign profit delivered by investing in newsbrands. Denise Turner and Judy Harman (Newsworks) take us through this study as it attempts to quantify the effectiveness of both print and digital newsbrands for the very first time. Planning for Profit includes the widest category coverage of any effectiveness study, with application for over 90% of advertised brands. Focusing on profit, the results make startling reading about the potential profit brands are missing out on by underinvesting in newsbrands.

Beyond the stereotypes and into the segments: exploring young people's varying relationships with technology

See any ad targeting young people and chances are they'll be smartphone in hand, facetiming their mates or adding to their Snapchat Story.

But do young people all think and behave in the same way when it comes to technology? And are the brands that try to appeal to this age group based on these stereotypes alone, simply alienating this demographic?

To answer this question, Maeve O'Dwyer and Terri Bolton from Freshminds will take us through their proprietary 16-25 segmentation study to understand this key demographic to identify the differences in their attitudes towards technology, social media and data privacy and bust some of the stereotypes associated with this topic. Are all young people tied to their tech? And do they really have no problem sharing their data wit

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  • Start Date25 Jun 2018 18:30
  • End Date25 Jun 2018 19:30
  • VenueiIAB Events & Training Space
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