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Feb 27

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Build for Both Feeds

Choosing the best creative for your environment. Kristin Bayliss, Global Account Measurement Lead, Facebook, presents the latest research from their study "Build for Both Feeds". Working together with Metrixlab, the study analyses and tests various videos and creative styles across both Facebook and Instagram to understand what creative elements are most impactful when building video for feed based environments, and subsequently quantify the benefits of when to use mobile or non-mobile optimised creatives.

When Trust Falls Down

Andrew Tenzer, Head of Group Insight, Trinity Mirror Solutions presents their study "When Trust Falls Down", a provocative piece on how anti-establishment feeling and the changing attitudes of the public is having a significant impact on trust in brands and advertising. The study highlights the significant challenge brands face to regain trust and relevance amongst the consumers, particularly outside London.


The television market is not short of bold visions of the future. If anything it is overwhelmed by competing predictions of apocalypse or golden age, based on the promise of new technology rather than insight of what really happens when their apps, devices and services hit the real world.

In order to provide a guide for ITV's senior leadership, that is grounded in the daily lives of real people, ITV created SixUp - a five year ethnographic qual tracker following 20 diverse households through their ups, downs and TV viewing. Mat Watson, Head of Audiences, Online & Brand at ITV will take you through 5 key themes the research has uncovered, and discuss some of the research challenges such a project presents.

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  • Start Date27 Feb 2018 18:30
  • End Date27 Feb 2018 19:30
  • VenueiFacebook
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