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Nov 23

past event

Shortlist 2018


Media Research Group Awards 2018 Shortlist

The MRG is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2018 MRG Awards.

The Awards will be presented at a gala dinner in Bratislava on the 23rd of November 2018: the glamorous finale of the MRG International Conference.

C1 Best Research team - Media Agency

  • MediaCom
  • OMD UK
  • the7stars

C2 Best Research team - Media Owner

  • Channel 4
  • ITV Audiences
  • Reach Solutions

C3 Best Research team - Research Supplier

  • house51
  • MTM
  • On Device Research

C4 Best Research Initiative

  • Channel 4 & BVA BDRC: Contextual Moments
  • Mindshare: Speak Easy
  • OMD UK: The Future of Britain
  • Thinkbox: From Brand to Bland

C5- Rising Star

  • Emma Russell
  • Jess Percival
  • Joe Wilson
  • Michelle Milner
  • Samantha Eales

C6 Best Trade Body Research

  • JICMAIL: JICMAIL Mail Media Metrics
  • Radiocentre: Re-evaluating Media
  • Thinkbox: 'Profit Ability: the business case for advertising' - How making the case for advertising made the case for TV

C7 Best Research Innovation

  • Global and Neuro-Insight: Using neuroscience to understand the subconscious impact of 3D audio
  • On Device Research and ITV Project Love Island: Measuring Brand Fame and Actual Behavioural Change
  • Wavemaker: TAPPBOT

C8 Best Realisation of Research

  • BBC World Service Audiences:  Lumen: Digital Audiences, Illuminated
  • d.fferento/ogy and IAB UK: Mobile Ads Unite - Uniting our curiosity around the 'heroes of mobile advertising'
  • Newsworks: Getting closer to the Great British Public
  • Radiocentre: Re-evaluating Media

C9.  Best International Research

  • Formula 1 & Ipsos MORI: F1: Pushing the Limits
  • Kantar Media & BBC World Service: Global Audience Measure
  • Tapestry & Flamingo: The Impact Machine: Helping brands harness YouTube's power to shape culture
  • BBC World Service & Tapestry Research:  Fishing Where The Fish Are (the benefits and challenges of using social media to reach audiences)

C10.  Best Research Collaboration

  • Ipsos MORI and Bloomberg Media: Unlocking Entrepreneurial Minds
  • ITV, Channel 4 and Tapestry: Project Firefly
  • the7stars and Sign Salad: Representing?  A Whitepaper on Diversity in Advertising
  • Thinkbox: 'Profit Ability: the business case for advertising' and 'From Brand to Bland'
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  • Start Date23 Nov 2018 21:00
  • End Date23 Nov 2018 22:00
  • VenueiBratislava
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