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Nov 22

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Second Keynote

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Corporate and brand storyteller.

Analytics + Storytelling = Influence

There are two skills everyone needs to thrive in the modern knowledge economy: the ability to look at and make sense of data and statistics, and the ability to use the insights they derive to persuade others to take action. The new equation of business as we approach the 2020s is "Analytics + Storytelling = Influence". Trouble is, education, training, specialisation, and psychology have for generations kept these skills apart.

In his keynote, corporate and brand storyteller, Sam Knowles, will explain how it is within everyone's grasp to bring these two defining skills together. In the process, he'll argue it's time for the "three Rs" of basic education to be joined by a fourth.

Sam Knowles is a corporate and brand storyteller. With 30 years' experience agency- and client-side, in 2013 he founded storytelling consultancy Insight Agents. Earlier this year, Routledge published his book Narrative by Numbers: How to Tell Powerful & Purposeful Stories with Data to critical acclaim.

More about Sam's work here: 

More info on the Conference here

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  • Start Date22 Nov 2018 09:00
  • End Date22 Nov 2018 09:45
  • VenueiBratislava