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10 Top Tips for a tip top MRG award entry…

By Neil Mortensen, ITV.

Here are Neil's top tips for a tip top award entry…

  1. Don’t exceed the maximum word count. By all means use the full amount but only use them all if you absolutely need them. Succinct versions do better; brevity is the soul of wit.  You can include pictures and relevant graphs as well but don’t go mad.
  2. Make it a good read and a proper story.  Each section should naturally emerge from the previous one and the results should always relate to the original objectives. Do the distinct parts form a whole picture? Do you feel it that it has been clearly explained, with a beginning, middle and end? Did it engage?
  3. Give the MRG an enticing package.  Make it a pleasure to behold.  Nothing professional is required but make sure you give your entry a critical look and ask yourself whether you’d want to read it.  Is the font big enough? Is there enough white space? Too few or too many images?  Any hideous spelling/punctuation errors?
  4. Read the category definition properly and look at how the judging and marking criteria work.  If this is an entry you have written for other awards you might need to rewrite it a bit and customise it to the category.
  5. Do remember that these are MRG Research Awards.  They are impressed with… er…research. Make sure you tell the research story.
  6. Consider which entry you are best suited to. Don’t just enter everything in the hope of high frequency equalling a result in the end.
  7. Think about who is going to write the award paper. Can they write? Have they written since GCSE English? Get a decent writer to compose it.
  8. Collaboration can sometimes deliver the best entries; a good entry ties together the strategic thinking with the implementational detail. 
  9. Be generous. Give credit to other people’s contributions where deserved.
  10. Have some fun with it. Remember the judges have to read though heaps of these and you want yours to be easy and memorable, not an arduous task.

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