Wellbeing with the MRG: Conquering Imposter Syndrome

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As part of the MRG’s Wellbeing programme, we’re delighted to bring you this relevant and practical session from a face that will be familiar to a lot of you, Nicole Greenfield-Smith.

Does this feel familiar?

  • The lingering fear that you're going to get busted.
  • The lurking, 'I'm not good enough' feeling.
  • Comparing yourself to others and always coming up short...

You're not alone! That's impostor syndrome and it can quietly kill your confidence from the inside out. It's increased in prevalence during lockdown and tends to be rampant in the media industry. But whilst most of us have it to some degree, we certainly shouldn’t accept it and this session has been designed to help us overcome it.

In this session, we'll cover:

  • What impostor syndrome is and why you shouldn't just live with it! (Far from it.)
  • How to spot the sneaky signs of impostor syndrome in yourself and in others (great if you manage teams)
  • Some quick and easy techniques that you can use to start kicking its ass!

About our speaker:

Nicole Greenfield-Smith, The Confidence Craft

Nicole is a confidence coach and public speaking mentor who is passionate about empowering people to feel good about themselves and build the confidence they deserve.

She founded the Confidence Craft with the specific aim or helping career-motivated women put themselves out there - without fear, faking or worrying what others think. She realised early in her career that so many women fake confidence (she was very much one of them) without ever truly feeling it.

Nicole has a Masters degree in Human Communication, she’s a qualified and accredited NLP and IEMT practitioner and coach, and she’s wracked up more years than she cares to admit working in media, especially at Thinkbox. (She’s been to a LOT of MRG conferences!)

When she’s not working, Nicole is a mum to two fabulous small people and loves nothing more than trashy TV, getting creative in the kitchen and is a bit of an adrenaline junkie. (Wing walk anyone?!)

The session will be on Tuesday 27th April at 3.30pm-5pm – via Zoom but here’s hoping it won’t be long before we can do this sort of thing face-to-face again.

It is free to all MRG members and can be booked here on the website. 

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